Is your Small Business reaching Baby Boomers and Seniors?

26 02 2013

Marketing to Seniors: Online Versus Offline

Seniors using Technology

Seniors are using technology

There is a new article in Entrepreneur Magazine that shows the senior market is still best reached through ‘traditional’ methods, such as direct mail, word of mouth, and TV/Radio mediums. The article quotes a research study finding that “zero percent of seniors were sourced via online marketing for their purchase”. It goes on to state that online mediums are just not used by seniors to make a purchase or research, that it is more for games and staying in touch with friends and relatives.

While this article showcases how important it is to have both an online and offline presence with your marketing plan, it does not fully take into account the fact that more and more seniors are using the Internet, and many of them are using it for research of products and services. So while many seniors may not hear about your service through online methods, it is still important to have an online presence for when they do go online to research. As a Forbes article highlights, baby boomers may not be early adapters of new technology, but most have had experience using and even developing technology before it became a mainstay of daily life in the 21st century.

If you are looking for the best marketing strategy for your small business, you should consult a professional who will work with you to develop a plan of action that will reach out to your target market with the most effective methods. Using video, search engine optimization, print, television, radio, online, and a variety of mediums are most likely going to be your best resource to increase your marketing power. While you should not rely on a website or social media marketing alone, as with most things in life, a good plan has balance and is reflective to your business’ individual needs.

Thanks for reading. If your small business would like a free marketing consultation, please do contact us.  If you are a senior who shops or does research prior to a purchase, or you are an agency who has successfully marketed to seniors via online methods, I would love to hear from you.

We are the Light to your Marketing Plight!

15 05 2012

Tayloe Marketing was founded on February 10th, 2011 by Bradley G. Tayloe. He has  a Bachelors degree in Public Relations and Marketing along with over 15 years in marketing, sales, promotion and research experience. Mr. Tayloe recently brought together a team who believe in principled relationships, strong ethical values and a desire to under-promise and over-deliver. This team has a deep belief that it does not matter where or when a person, a company, or an organization starts, it matters where they desire to finish. With this strong conviction, Mr. Tayloe puts his personal guarantee on his teams work to finish what they start, on time and with the quality expected.

Create the perfect marketing recipe for success for your small business

4 11 2011







I have a secret to tell. I LOVE the Food Network. While my wife would be the first one to tell you that my cooking skills are extremely lacking, I do love to eat and I love competition. Our two favorite shows are Chopped and Diners, Drive- Ins, and Dives. There are a few other shows such as Crave and Down Home with the Neelys that we appreciate as well. The fantastic dishes the contestants bring out on Chopped while under pressure, the special ingredients that lead to a small diner to have a reputation that crosses state lines, making a tasty cake without flour or learning how just changing the temperature a little bit based on environmental factors, all these things showcase just how special the restaurant owners, chefs, and staff all are on these programs.

So, what does my new found infatuation with a popular food channel have to do with marketing you may ask? A lot! Next time you watch the shows, or go to your own favorite restaurants, notice how the successful ones do some things similar, yet they all have their own unique way of presentation, they use herbs, spices, and mixtures that they developed over time for a remarkable cooking style, and a peculiar or quaint ambiance. Sure, McDonald’s, Denny’s, and Chili’s are all very popular and have huge revenue with their one size fits all approach. They also spend millions on advertising and whether a customer goes to the Waffle House one morning or IHOP the next will not really affect their bottom line. They are dealing with the masses, much like other large corporations in the realms of GE, HP, GM, Apple, and such. They strive for volume and quantity, with enough focus on quality and customer service to keep them out of the negative spotlight and retain just the right amount of customers.

   As a small business owner, you do not have millions, or probably even thousands to throw at a marketing campaign, nor can you afford to lose even one customer. Your recipe for success has to separate you or be segmented to differentiate you from your competitors. Just because John Smiths AC & Heating; does not have:

  •   an inbound marketing plan
  •   a social media strategy
  •   a website that engages
  •   a blogging campaign
  •   or a public relations consultant

does not mean that your small business should not either. These features combined or used with other ingredients give your company the benefit of staying in control, additional time management, brand awareness, and customer retention.

old recipe for success

   There is one exception to this recipe though, and that is if you don’t desire to grow. Believe it or not, there are some small business owners who are satisfied with the number of clients they have. This is perfectly fine, if you are happy with the revenue you are generating and do not desire to grow, then perhaps your recipe is already bringing you the results you wish for. Perhaps you feel this tried and true basic recipe of “all in” may be all you need.

  However, I know that the majority of independent minded thinkers who start their business do so for the following reasons: opportunity to grow, control their own destiny, and freedom to work when they want and how they want. Yet with all these wonderful perks, there often comes backlashes with time management, marketing strategies that are not bringing in the revenues, no forum for customer feedback, all of which can lead to stagnation, eventual customer loss, and worst case scenario, out of business or cutbacks. You can give all you got, but without proper direction, you will go in circles and wind up lost along your journey.

   If you are a small business and you desire to grow, ask yourself this: Is my recipe for success delivering the final product that my organization and my customers want?  If you answered “no,” then make the call to a marketing consulting firm you can trust and know will assist you in finding the right ingredients for your masterpiece.

Why Should your Small Business Blog?

15 09 2011

   There are many reasons small businesses are starting to blog, use social media, and explore optimum seo practices for their website.


    Since socialmedia and seo tactics are subjects unto themselves, we will focus here on blogging Whether to share with readers information about the latest technology, product developments, or services, blogging gives a way to share an organization’s message in a clear and short manner.

As Tayloe Marketing is in the consulting and marketing industry, we would like to use this forum of blogging to share with you information on various best practices, with hopes that it will showcase our knowledge and lead to us as being an expert in the field.  Being considered an expert does not mean that you are the ‘best’, it just means you a trusted source of information on a particular subject. There are many whom I have learned from, and I appreciate their contributions, while having a desire to be thought of in the same status they are. The big picture is that those of us who share information thrive on knowing just how something works, and believe that by sharing this with others, will make the world better. Whether this be knowledge of a tangible product like solar panels or on online colleges, education is the key to unlock the doors to success.

With instant access to so much information on how to manage your business, how to implement social media effectively and strategize your inbound marketing, why should anyone ever hire a consultant for this work?

The same reasons you hire a mechanic to work on your carDon't try to do your own work!, have a pool service for your homeDo you like the marketing results your seeing?,  or subcontract a variety of different jobs:

Time and proficiency. Use your time in marketing wisely

Sure, I can work on a 67 Chevrolet pickup and install a new starter on it, but if you think I am going to mess with the engine in my new Chevrolet Cruze, Get your small business on fast track of successyou’d be mistaken! To much new technology and while I understand and could read about it on the Internet how to do the basic things, to truly keep up with the maintenance, I should and will use a professional.

The same thing goes for blogging. Use our information as a template to understand a subject, like a cliff notes for business! Seriously, did you really read Hamlet? Or did you just use this: Let us be your cliffnotes to success!

So, long story short, read blogs on marketing. social media, and business to business marketing to educate and understand. More importantly, look into writing blogs or having a consultant write one for you. Showcase your expertise as a professional in your industry. Remember, an informed client  is always the best to discuss the benefits of your products and services to. If you are ready to start blogging or knowing just how inbound marketing works, contact a professional marketing consultant who will deliver the results you are looking for.

An Introduction to Social Media and Your Small Business

12 09 2011

    Social Media is still changing the way we do business, interact with family, friends, and clients.

The world as we know it has grown a lot smaller. Technology, improving every day, has made it so that we can now post pictures, share updates, take videos all from our phone, laptop, and desktop. New LED TV’s even allow you to connect with social media and other applications so you can see Facebook updates or watch YouTube videos on your big screen. The benefits of this technology are many and below are just a few of the mainstream social media applications:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there according to a news report by which says that on average, Americans spend over 53.5 BILLION minutes per MONTH on the site! This is over twice the amount of time spend on any other website, with Yahoo coming in second at 17.5 billion minutes.

LinkedIn is another popular site, with over 17 Million unique visitors per month and over 90 million users, this social media site is also a the place those with a post graduate degree will most likely share information or make contacts for business and networking opportunities.

Ah, Twitter. Love it, don’t understand it, or addicted to it, this social media platform continues to find new ways to engage its users, with updates to the site and user friendly features such as adding smart phone applications and pictures as part of its features. With 60% of those ‘tweeting’ being between the ages of 25 and 44, this is a large demographic that reaches out with micro-blogs and updates.

YouTube is one of the oldest and very popular sites. From music, to viral videos and home movies, YouTube is a great platform to share your videos and showcase your filming prowess.  With 9.1 billion minutes of viewing per month, this is one of the most popular websites today.

This is just a glimpse into the world of social media. New sites are joining the community all the time, with some like Tumblr growing at an extremely high rate of over 3x in the past year! What does this mean to you as a small business or a marketing consultant? That there is a need to gather information, learn form the experts on which platforms are best to be used for your organization or cause, and implement as soon as you are ready. Always be ready to adapt and learn, without being afraid of taking chances through measured strategies. The world is waiting to hear your message, all you have to do is find the right platform to share it through.

Are you a small business owner or do sales for one? What do you think of social media and how it can help you? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Bradley G. Tayloe

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