Tayloe Marketing and Consulting announces addition of video production services

28 05 2013

Tayloe Marketing Video Production Serv ices

Tayloe Marketing and Consulting announces addition of video production services

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with SoMedia Networks,

the largest provider of on-demand video production services in North America.

This partnership allows us to offer a range of high quality video products designed to create awareness,

engage your customers, and drive more business for you.

Depending on your specific business objectives, we have different types of video products

to meet your needs.

Video Products Include:

Company Profiles—Showcase your business, product ,or service

Customer Testimonials—Establish credibility through endorsement from your

Scripted Ads—Grab attention and persuade customers to take action

Feature News Stories—Spark media interest and generate buzz online

Video News Releases (VNR)—Use in conjunction with a traditional press release to
spark media interest and stand out from the crowd

All video products are offered at very competitive prices as standalone offerings or as part

of other marketing service packages.

Learn more about our video production services.

The propensity to purchase increases by 97% through video social sharing (ReelSEO).

Tayloe Marketing & Consulting now offers high quality HD video production including scripted ads, company profiles, customer testimonials, and mini news stories!

Infographic for video

See the above  infograph for more info on how video works for your small business or NPO!

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