How to get Cost Effective Video Production Services

28 04 2013

Have you ever been curious about how to get high quality, HD produced video for your small business? There are many types of video that a company can have produced. These include profile, ad, testimonial, and custom video. Custom video allows you as the business owner or manager to have greater input on what message you want to send out in your video production.

While most will agree that video is an effective way to attract more clients, create interest, and generate conversions, what is less known is how cost effective video productions are. The fact is they are very affordable, and with current productions methods, you can showcase your video on a variety of different formats. From websites, YouTube, TV, radio, mobile devices, or showroom, your video will get your message and your business in front of more people, with higher efficiency than any other marketing medium.

Tayloe Marketing Video ProductionSo what type of video and length is right for your business? To answer this question you should consult with a marketing video expert. They will be able to provide you with a full understanding regarding the type of video that would best suit your particular business. More importantly, a good video marketing consultant will analyze your target market and know what is the best way to capture them.

Let us look at the most common types of video: Testimonial, Profile, and Ad. If you are in a highly competitive industry, with few differentiators, then perhaps a testimonial video would be best. Restaurants, Realtors, Insurance agents all have a very few separators in their business models, but word of mouth and testimonials/referrals are what usually drive a prospect to becoming a client. What better way to share how you have achieved success in helping others to either enjoy a wonderful dining experience, or purchase a new home, than through a 30 or 60 second Testimonial Video?

A profile video is a great marketing tool for a small business who is new to the area, has a product that shines in the spotlight, or a unique concept. Perhaps you are a pool builder, a medical professional, or lawyer. A video profile will highlight specific areas of your business and demonstrate how great your product and services are!

Advertising video, or video ads have multiple benefits. One of these is that in addition to being produced in HD quality, they are also “Radio ready”. This means that the voice-over done on the video can be easily transferred to an audio production ready for radio advertising. Advertising is great for all companies in almost all industries, from hair salons to golf courses, Realtors to contractors. A good video ad will end with a strong “Call to Action” that helps to convert interested viewers into prospects.

Are you ready to take your small business to the next level? Click on the above links to see video in action, and see below for more information on the “Video Profile“. The best advice you can get is from a marketing consultant who will partner with you, to best understand your and your prospects needs. To see more information on Video Profiles, Testimonials, and Video ads, click the following link: Tayloe Marketing Video profile. The information provided will assist you in making the right decision for your small business.

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Use a Consultant to Overcome Small Business Marketing Challenges

20 04 2013

When you are starting, revamping, adding a new product line, or rebranding your company, there often comes a time when you look at your marketing strategy and wonder, “Is this right? “Have I looked at all possible options”?  These questions do not arise because of lack of experience or education in marketing. In fact, many small business owners do have either a business background or higher education in the subject.  According to a poll done by the National Federation of Independent Business nearly half of all small business owners possess at least a bachelors degree, with nearly half of those having majored in business.  Having an education in business or even a background in marketing is a strength, and can provide you as a business owner with some advantages.

However, whether or not you have a business degree or background in marketing, as a small business owner you will still have several common challenges to successfully implementing a marketing strategy for your business. These challenges are why it is imperative to either contract a marketing consultant for their expertise and specialization, or hire a full time marketing director.  The most common challenges are: Time, perspective, research, current marketing trends, and implementation.

  • Time is the biggest obstacle to many small business owners. With so many parts of a business to run, trying to handle all aspects of it on your own is very overwhelming. Unless you can honestly dedicate the necessary time to your marketing effort, without hampering other functions of your business, you need a marketing consultant.
  • Perspective is an often overlooked challenge in the marketing field. Typically business owners look at a product and how it will be branded, promoted, priced, and placed through what we want, not as how the consumer desires or needs it. Having an expert in marketing who is in touch with the needs of your target market is critical to optimizing the ‘four P’s’: Product, Promotion, Pricing, and Placement.Marketing Mix
  • Research is a critical measure to undertake to understand exactly who you are targeting, what methods of marketing work best to reach them (do you use traditional, social, video, word of mouth, or some combination of these advertising components), and who your competition is.  This is important whether you are a start-up or an established small business expanding locations or product line.
  • Marketing Trends are similar to perspective, however the difference in marketing trends is in planning for future events. A good marketing strategy will use a SWOT analysis to measure your companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to help with forecasting various internal and external trends that will affect your business. For example, if you are in the roofing business, your market depends on many factors: the building industry, the environment and climate changes, economy, and government regulations. A good marketing consultant will help you to plan for most foreseeable events, so you can have a contingency for best or worst case scenarios. If there is a market trend that shows a shifting from shingles to Spanish tile in your area, you want to be prepared for that, and know who your potential suppliers could be. Or maybe there is an increased interest in PV solar installations, so you would be wise to co-market and work with a solar contractor for additional opportunities in that industry.
  • Implementation. OK, so you finally have taken the time, done the necessary marketing research, looked at marketing trends, and have gained an outside perspective on your customers needs and wants. Now what? Now, you need to formulate a marketing strategy and implement it into your daily business operations. This is where it gets hard, because this is where the time factor really comes into play.  You have done all this work and to not use it is not just wasteful, it can ruin your business.  A marketing consultant will help you draft your marketing strategy, and then if you desire, they can either implement it for you, or find the right person to do it.  Implement your Strategy

The goal of any marketing plan is to do two things: Increase your brand awareness and increase your conversions. If you are simply getting the word out about your product, but not gaining more customers, there may be an issue with pricing, placement, or even the product itself. Your conversions are great but you find that they are mostly repeat clients or you are not reaching the percentage of the target market you desire, you may need to alter your promotional methods. Again, working with a marketing consultant can help you achieve this, but there is one final piece of advice to offer. Make sure whomever you work with as a consultant is a willing team-member and has a buy in to your product.  If they cannot empathize with your passion and share in your desire to be successful, then you may want to look elsewhere. They may be a great consultant, but perhaps your particular industry is just not the right one for them to consult on. Do your due diligence and find your success!

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