Why Should your Small Business Blog?

15 09 2011

   There are many reasons small businesses are starting to blog, use social media, and explore optimum seo practices for their website.


    Since socialmedia and seo tactics are subjects unto themselves, we will focus here on blogging Whether to share with readers information about the latest technology, product developments, or services, blogging gives a way to share an organization’s message in a clear and short manner.

As Tayloe Marketing is in the consulting and marketing industry, we would like to use this forum of blogging to share with you information on various best practices, with hopes that it will showcase our knowledge and lead to us as being an expert in the field.  Being considered an expert does not mean that you are the ‘best’, it just means you a trusted source of information on a particular subject. There are many whom I have learned from, and I appreciate their contributions, while having a desire to be thought of in the same status they are. The big picture is that those of us who share information thrive on knowing just how something works, and believe that by sharing this with others, will make the world better. Whether this be knowledge of a tangible product like solar panels or on online colleges, education is the key to unlock the doors to success.

With instant access to so much information on how to manage your business, how to implement social media effectively and strategize your inbound marketing, why should anyone ever hire a consultant for this work?

The same reasons you hire a mechanic to work on your carDon't try to do your own work!, have a pool service for your homeDo you like the marketing results your seeing?,  or subcontract a variety of different jobs:

Time and proficiency. Use your time in marketing wisely

Sure, I can work on a 67 Chevrolet pickup and install a new starter on it, but if you think I am going to mess with the engine in my new Chevrolet Cruze, Get your small business on fast track of successyou’d be mistaken! To much new technology and while I understand and could read about it on the Internet how to do the basic things, to truly keep up with the maintenance, I should and will use a professional.

The same thing goes for blogging. Use our information as a template to understand a subject, like a cliff notes for business! Seriously, did you really read Hamlet? Or did you just use this: Let us be your cliffnotes to success!

So, long story short, read blogs on marketing. social media, and business to business marketing to educate and understand. More importantly, look into writing blogs or having a consultant write one for you. Showcase your expertise as a professional in your industry. Remember, an informed client  is always the best to discuss the benefits of your products and services to. If you are ready to start blogging or knowing just how inbound marketing works, contact a professional marketing consultant who will deliver the results you are looking for.



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