An Introduction to Social Media and Your Small Business

12 09 2011

    Social Media is still changing the way we do business, interact with family, friends, and clients.

The world as we know it has grown a lot smaller. Technology, improving every day, has made it so that we can now post pictures, share updates, take videos all from our phone, laptop, and desktop. New LED TV’s even allow you to connect with social media and other applications so you can see Facebook updates or watch YouTube videos on your big screen. The benefits of this technology are many and below are just a few of the mainstream social media applications:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there according to a news report by which says that on average, Americans spend over 53.5 BILLION minutes per MONTH on the site! This is over twice the amount of time spend on any other website, with Yahoo coming in second at 17.5 billion minutes.

LinkedIn is another popular site, with over 17 Million unique visitors per month and over 90 million users, this social media site is also a the place those with a post graduate degree will most likely share information or make contacts for business and networking opportunities.

Ah, Twitter. Love it, don’t understand it, or addicted to it, this social media platform continues to find new ways to engage its users, with updates to the site and user friendly features such as adding smart phone applications and pictures as part of its features. With 60% of those ‘tweeting’ being between the ages of 25 and 44, this is a large demographic that reaches out with micro-blogs and updates.

YouTube is one of the oldest and very popular sites. From music, to viral videos and home movies, YouTube is a great platform to share your videos and showcase your filming prowess.  With 9.1 billion minutes of viewing per month, this is one of the most popular websites today.

This is just a glimpse into the world of social media. New sites are joining the community all the time, with some like Tumblr growing at an extremely high rate of over 3x in the past year! What does this mean to you as a small business or a marketing consultant? That there is a need to gather information, learn form the experts on which platforms are best to be used for your organization or cause, and implement as soon as you are ready. Always be ready to adapt and learn, without being afraid of taking chances through measured strategies. The world is waiting to hear your message, all you have to do is find the right platform to share it through.

Are you a small business owner or do sales for one? What do you think of social media and how it can help you? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Bradley G. Tayloe



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